Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Tale of Work and Play

Tsira tripped again, but he caught her waist. She pushed him away and stared at the sky in wonder. He looked, too; the clouds were dark, as if they were about to burst with rain. Each shape was outlined with white sunlight, and the sky around it was a pasty orange like the dirt beneath them. So much of the world was red and yellow and brown. Only a sunny blue sky and lively green broke the monotony, but with the cold all the color in the world was fading. After the harvest, it would be black and white until spring.

I started my new job today, and although I'm scared, I really think that this will be a good place to work. I'm not even sure how much it pays. But the pay period ends pretty soon and I'll get my first check and then we'll see. So far my day has been exhausting. I didn't sleep well, wondering how I was going to survive my first day at the school, and wondering how Katniss was going to win the Hunger Games, and wondering how to approach the next scene of my novel, and wondering about Rand, and just about everything else.

I don't know how I feel about Hunger Games. I'll have to sort that out in my discussion with Andy, Jaron, and Julie. I guess I really am picky, not so much about what I like, but about what I love. It seems like Andy and Julie love the book. They are drooling over the cover of the second one, but they want to wait to read it until after our little book club meets. I know I enjoyed it... but... I guess I'll tell you about it when I'm done with that, too. I'm really curious about what Jaron thinks of it. I think it threw me off to be reading Eye of the World at the same time--I kept thinking, "the world is dying; how is she still finding so much food?" but I had to remind myself that was a different story.

I haven't really written anything today, but I do want to get that scene out. I'm just so exhausted. My body is finally giving on the whole vitamin thing. It doesn't want vitamins anymore. I'm starting to think that's why I was sick on Sunday morning. *sigh* My body wants to eat unhealthful things and sleep for two days straight. It wants to make me give up on work already, and never read or write again. It wants to die, I think. Fortunately, this is not what my mind wants. The two are in a constant, epic struggle. In any case, I'm still determined to finish my novel.

I have to play Pokemon today. I want a Shaymin. I love Pokemon. It's not over when it's supposed to be--you can just keep going, if you want. After you finish the main storyline, you still have to get all eight badges, and once you beat the Elite Four, there's still the Battle Tower and the GTS and Mystery Gifts. You still have to work really hard to catch them all--unless you're cheating, and if you're cheating, there's really no point to playing that game. I admire the game's ability to bring interaction. The last time I traded with someone, they had attached a letter to their loved pet, and it said to promise to take care of it, and listed its moves. Anyway. I'm going to go dip my head in a bucket of cold wake-up water now.


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  1. Our meeting will surely be exciting. I'm anxious to hear what Andy and Julie loved so much about it. Cuz yeah, it was good, and it was a page-turner, but there were some definite things that I felt fell flat (woah. Those three words should not be in a row).

    Pokemon is great. I have never played a game for 200+ hours before Pokemon. Actually, the longest I've played before Diamond was 100 hours, with FireRed. Even my best time on a Final Fantasy was about 100 hours. But Pokemon, especially the new ones, just keeps going on and on and on... I love it. It's definitely worth its weight in microchips and plastic.