Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stevie Wants to Know

Octras could see their temple from the outskirts of town. A clear pillar stabbed at the sky from the center of the healers' circle. As they neared it, chanting and chattering surrounded them. Blue cloaks covered every lean figure. A few yellow beards showed under the hoods, but they were mostly a uniform body, with robes the color of the sky and cream rings around the sleeves. Most had three or four of these odd bracelets around their wrists...

I'm not doing so well with the writing. I set a goal to help me write the last 35,000 words of my draft, and then it's break time. I love revision; it makes my story so much stronger. And I know my writing sucks. It will get better, though. Rough drafts are made to handle my horrible attempts at getting my thoughts into words--and revision picks through the scraps for the good stuff. It's funny; usually when I see other writers' revisions, there's comments here and there, and the occasional rewritten sentence, but mine is different. For a half a page of typed work, there's another two of editing. I scribble, scratch, make asterisks, underline--no word goes by unchecked. It's beautiful. I love tearing my work apart and building it up again. It always comes out better.

So, I'd lost contact with the outside world for two weeks (*gasp*). The reason for my lack of posts is that I had no internet. Qwest took it away because of a possible virus warning. As it turned out, the only thing on this computer was a tracking cookie. The computer downstairs had some, but honestly, they weren't doing any damage to anyone, and seriously, that's not how the internet works. You don't just take away someone's internet when they're paying you a fortune to use it. I've never even heard of something like that happening. It's ridiculous.

On any note, I'm alive and well, settling into my new job happily. And tiredly. It's interesting to see such strong personalities all mixed together. My kids could be book characters, and they wouldn't even need to be exaggerated. They are exaggerations. Quirky, full of conflict, and wonderful.


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  1. I'm glad you like your job, even if it is stressful. And I'm also glad you like revision. Honestly, it's not so much about raw talent as it is working hard at revision and rewriting. That's what they say, anyway. There's buckets of talent out there, but it's the people who are willing to work hard that are successful. I'm suspicious of anyone who claims to be able to write a publishable ANYthing on the first run through. I mean, look at my story! It has evolved a lot, even since I finished the first draft earlier this year. And now, I think it's finally getting to a point where my ideas are coming out stronger... like a sculpture being carved from a big rock. It's taking a definite shape. But I had to carve through the excess rock first. I won't just FIND a sculpture out in the rock pile.