Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Still Play Starcraft

“All right, show me what you can do. We need a place to start."

Jake fought with the air, his invisible enemy, flailing around like most children would. His arms too far from his body, he swung, wide and clumsy. Only using his wrists for strength, Jake attacked a weed, finally striking the ground. Even without an opponent, Octras could see that Jake would have fought the weapon instead of the man wielding it.

Well, blog, it's been a while. Work keeps me busy, as usual, but this week is Spring Break, so I'm home for the rest of the week. It will give me plenty of time to work on things that have been neglected, such as my book, artwork, and music.

I started to write a lullaby last night. Well, sort of. It has some different chord progressions, but it is something to send a baby to sleep. I just wish I had a child to sing it for. I know I'm not physically or financially ready to have my own baby, but with all of my married siblings having kids this year, I feel kind of... left out. I should be married already, but the money in the world (which I detest) states that I can't do it, especially because my job may not exist in the near future--it depends on how many children need special help. Even if I did get to keep it, I wouldn't be working during the summer, and I'd probably die of stress overload by the time I turn 25.

...Anyway. My creative slump is hopefully over. I've managed most of life's problems and can safely say that I feel much better. When I feel well, I write well. When I write well, all my other pieces usually fall into place.

I recently played through the original Starcraft campaign and the expansion, Brood War. While I admit that I cheated (come on, seriously, I got sick of the nuclear bomb warnings while a slew of invincible Protoss guys were keeping my armies busy) on a few of the boards, I still find it a fun and exciting adventure with a complex plot. I can definitely say that I'm excited for Starcraft II, which is supposed to come out some time this year. From what I've seen, the game looks beautiful, and the varied structure of the boards should break the monotony that exists in the first Starcraft game. I give it four out of five stars on my anticipation levels. The only other game I'm really looking forward to playing is the next Final Fantasy (as soon as I can get a PS3)...

Thus ends March of the year 2010.