Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost Done!

I am almost done with my rough draft. I may finish tonight, and if not, then tomorrow for sure.

It's been an interesting experience, writing everything all out for the first time. This is my fourth attempt at this particular novel, and my first success. Actually, it's my first complete rough draft of any of my novels. I, like many others, get excited in the beginning but fall apart halfway through a project. The end seems forever away, and the reason I was excited in the first place eludes me.

But now, the end is a mere conversation away from the end. The climactic battle is over--I referred to it as the 'Final Boss', and anyone who has ever played a video game knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's not pretty. The writing is terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad. But that doesn't mean it isn't worth it, because now I have something to work with. I have something to mold and tear to shreds and use to create a real, solid story.

The plot and characters have transformed since I first played the game where Tsira, Octras, Shenra, and Jake were born. I was in the fifth grade. And now I'm all grown-up, and my characters have grown, too. I still remember how they started, how the story has changed. And I lost some characters and some interesting scenes, but I think I can finally say I know how this story needs to be.

Well, good luck in all of your goals. I'll be in revising mode soon.


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  1. YAAAAAY! You're amazing. Congrats on finishing your first rough draft! It's exciting, isn't it? :D