Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Getting Married

...he took a deep breath and lowered his head. Opening his eyes, he counted the bubbles as he exhaled. They popped one by one against the silver surface of the water. He stared at his reflection, who stared back with careful eyes. Even with the ripples he could see himself clearly...

In case you were dreaming for the past month, I'm getting married in three months, and I have a lot of planning to do. I don't really want to do all the planning. I just want to be married, not to get married. The being married is the part I want, I need. It gets harder to say goodnight when you know that he's the person you're going to sleep next to for the rest of your life... He's so close and yet so far away.

I am absolutely crazy about him, and I will be forever.

In other news, I finished my rough draft. It's a good step--and going back to read the things I wrote a few months ago, I realized how often I improve. It's a daily change.