Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stupid Hip

Life can be really irritating sometimes, like when your body decides that it is going to hurt badly for no good reason.

In a string of lameness (literally), my hip has decided to go on vacation. Without its support, I can barely walk from the bed to the bathroom--and this is the third time it's happened! In August, I woke up with a sort of popping sound, and as I did my normal activities, and went to a baseball game that evening, my leg became stiff and hurt just to move a little in my seat. But that's as bad as it got.

In November(?) I experienced a similar sensation while sitting in a chair at work. After a few hours, it became so bad that I couldn't sleep. The next morning I couldn't walk very well and was forced to miss work. Jaron and I decided that we had better see what the problem was, so we took our concern to the InstaCare. After the doctor painfully moved my leg to see what its restrictions were, we did an x-ray and found... nothing. He said there was something that teenagers get sometimes, but my condition was passed off as a dislocation that did a little damage and then fell back into place.

It sounded a little fishy, but I went with it.

Now I have it again. This time it has been three days, growing gradually worse. As of late last night/this morning, I cannot walk at all.

I looked up my pain this time, instead of going through expensive procedures. Besides the dislocation, the only thing that came up with popping/clicking/catching in the hip was something called an Acetabular Labral Tear. But no matter what it is, I can only imagine that it will be a giant, painful, expensive annoyance in the future.


On the happy side of the spectrum, I've chosen a new project to work on while my book is being reviewed by friends. It will be the story of the villain of my book--how they became the villain and such. Should be fun.

Also, Jaron and I bought one of those Bit.Trip games. It was super cheap and it's very fun, though it's kind of insane visually. It's something like a cross between Block Breaker and Guitar Hero. But! The better you're doing, the more distractions the game adds so that you can't see what's going on. Miss too many in a row, and it sends you to the Nether, where everything is black and white, the music is gone, and you can't see the color of the bits coming (which is somewhat helpful). Miss too many in the Nether, and you're done. Seems short, with only three playable songs, but we haven't been able to beat the second song yet. We did get to the boss once, but failed horrendously once there.


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  1. You should try physical therapy for your hip. It is a little expensive, but it'd be worth it if it helps! It sounds like something that they could help with.