Monday, May 9, 2011

Waiting for Feedback

“I didn’t think you would make it,” the thief said, stepping from the shadows. His black hair hung like drapes from a loose ponytail. “You’re clever to have followed me this far. Since you survived the climb, it means you’re either a magician or a death seeker. I’m curious to know which it is I’ll be killing.”


I do not like waiting. I've been aching these past few weeks, hoping that people read my book quickly so I can pass it on to the next person. Once my list has been exhausted, I'll finally be able to work out the last few details on my book--but until then, I'm pretty much stuck.

That's why I've been obsessing over a new idea, a sort of sequel, that involves a more political sphere (royalty and such) and a new character I've instantly fallen in love with.

Her name is Rael (said 'rahl'), and she's not like most characters I've ever come up with. She's basically the opposite of everything I stand for... and yet, I absolutely love her already. It's kind of strange, writing a character who loves drinking and gambling and sex. But it's also very exciting to me, to have something totally new going on in my head.

She's not the first "bad" person I've ever fleshed out--sure there's Xisht, and Una (who loves murdering people), but Rael is the first character who has dared tell me to "F*** off." I'm still going to stay away from being profane, since it's generally unnecessary, but I'm definitely excited to argue with her.

Strange? Probably. But I love it.



  1. I'm wanting people to hurry up too, so I can have my turn. :)

  2. I'm glad... but... I'm not sure who you are, aloeiy!