Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fantasy is always so... long.

Well, no more work until August.

I've had some trouble with all of this free time. I've been feeling pretty bored, no matter what I'm doing. I have gotten some productish things done (yes, productish) but lately I've been restless.

I've put eight or so songs on the computer this week, and I've messed with some old art. I also started playing Mass Effect (I suck at shooting stuff--it's not my normal type of game, but it seems interesting so far). I've spent a good amount of time just staring off into space, too.

I passed my book off to another person...

...and I'm reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.

My biggest reason for doing so was that some of the people in my writing group said that I have a similar writing style to this guy. And I can see some similarities in the way that we put sentences together.

But honestly, Fantasy is killing me right now. I love the idea of Fantasy and Science Fiction novels, and I like exploring these worlds a little, but... I just don't have their verbose talents.

See, it takes a lot of investment to get into one of those huge novels, with sometimes little real gain. I'm on page 154 of this thing, and it's all so much fluff. It's this world where random people became 'gods' all the time, but something happened to that--instead of becoming 'gods' now, random people basically become zombies. They all get thrown into Elantris, the city where these 'gods' used to live. In this world, there's Raoden, who's trying to give hope back to all the dead people in Elantris, there's Hrathen, who's trying to convert all the people of Arelon to Shu-Dereth or they'll all be killed (supposedly), and there's Sarene, who is pretending to be stupid for the king but is actually a clever politician. Of course, they're all big players in the political world, being crown prince, gyorn (High Priest), and princess, respectively.

Plus everything has the same name. There's the Seons and the Aons and the Shaod and Shoar and Teod and the Reod and Raoden and Rao. It makes stuff hard to follow.

...and that's it. Nothing has really happened so far. I've got a nice description of the world, of dozens of people and their motives, of the religions, and of the government, but...

A similar thing happened when I read Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. They didn't even leave the first little town until after 150 pages, and Rand and all of his buddies conveniently didn't know anything about the world they were in, so it could all be explained to the reader. (They had the sheltered life in the little village. Cliche much?)

I'm bashing Fantasy today. Cruel of me to say stuff like this about one of my favorite things.

I guess what I've always tried to avoid is that unnecessary length--and so I set up my book to offer those things I wanted to see/change in Fantasy. Sure, my story is set in this awesome world, but I don't go poking around in every little subject that doesn't need to be explained for the sake of the story. I am a very character-driven writer who chooses concise words for my stories.

That's all for now; peace.


PS. I'm making the font bigger.

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