Monday, June 27, 2011

Listing Agencies/Guess Whose Mii #1

So... I went to the library today to pick up Writer's Market(R) 2011. Even with the separated part I ended up with, Novel & Short Story Writer's Market(R), the book is huge. It's 650 pages. And I've got a lot to do.

So far, I've read a bunch of the articles and, except for having my own website, I actually feel like I'm doing pretty well. One of the most useful articles was actually a Q&A, "Advice from Agents", compiled by Chuck Sambuchino. (He's an editor for Writer's Digest Books.)

Anyway, with all of the advice in the beginning of the book, I haven't been shocked or discouraged, as I was expecting--which tells me that my book is ready.

I made a list of the agencies that might take me on as a client; next I guess is researching the individual agents to get a grasp for who would be most willing/best to represent my novel. After that, it's working out query guidelines. There's a lot of steps in this process, and I admit I'm scared to death. But this is what I've wanted since I was little, and... I'm going to make it happen.

Tsirash will be published.


In other news, I got a 3DS, and the remade, beautiful Ocarina of Time. I've beaten the game seven times over the past decade, and I found that I was just as excited to beat it again--actually, more so, because there's a Master Quest to play when I finish. And the 3D graphics are so awesome. Literally. I am in awe. Awestruck, astonished, astounded. But don't misunderstand; the gameplay has always been the real draw for me.

In my favorite video game list, OoT comes in at #3. Don't worry, though. Majora's Mask still takes the cake over Portal 2.


PS. So I have a 3DS, and Jaron's been playing with the AR cards quite a bit. But we also tried something new with the expanded options for making Miis. I made some of my characters. :) So just for fun, I'll post one with each post until they're all out, and you can guess who they are. :P

So let's start with a really obvious one. Who is this?


  1. Oh oh oh I know!
    I won't spoil it for everyone else though.

  2. Wow! This is kind of hard. I think I know who it is, but I don't want to geuss wrong. That would be so embarrassing. :) Especially since one person so obviously knows who it is.

  3. Okay, Jeremy says it's obvious too, and that's who I was thinking...

  4. So that book you got, is that the one Michele Ashman Bell was talking about at the library?

  5. I believe so. It's supposed to be like the yellow pages for writers. They make a new one every year.