Saturday, June 18, 2011

Noisy Neighbors

(What? Two posts in one day?)

I had the chance to go to Lagoon with some friends yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. All of the spinning rides make me sick, mostly because of the way they decelerate at the end. I generally don't have trouble with Roller Coasters, which sometimes start and stop very quickly. ...But it's having to stop at all the stoplights that makes me carsick, not simply driving. The same applies to thrill rides.

I obviously didn't have any time or energy left to work on my book last night. But while waiting for everyone to ride the Scrambler, I did have time to think about some new concepts. I'm not sure if I want to this for sure, but it might be fun to include Shosu as a POV character for my new story. It would help to balance it, too.

Also... I think I should tell you, as an addition to a previous post, that I do enjoy reading those long fantasy books. I don't have the talent for circumlocution, however, and I see it in every fantasy I read. Following after master Tolkien's example, no doubt. But I find myself thinking that I'd love to read a fantasy novel where there wasn't much of it. I have yet to see one--except for, hopefully, my own.

Okay, change of subject.

Do any of you have noisy neighbors? Because I sure do. The people who used to live next to us were very quiet, and I'd only hear their dog Maury (or something else that started with an M... can't remember anymore) barking like once a month.

But they moved out, and we now have neighbors that are... well, obnoxious, and a little bit scary. There's this little kid, a boy by the sound of him, who likes to run up and down the stairs, across the balcony, knock on our door, twist the doorknob, scream and shout... and cry. And his reason for crying is usually a big woman (I assume his mother) who yells at him for everything.

She's not very effective at getting him to behave, and by what I hear through the window everyday, I can only imagine that he has no respect for her. Because she obviously doesn't care about him. He's probably her accidental child from her last 'casual' relationship. And she's always telling him to "Shut the f*** up!" because she's talking very loudly to someone on the phone about her problems. Always.

And there's a teenage boy who has his friends over all the time and they all sit outside smoking and playing loud music and talking about sex and stupid boyfriends/girlfriends ninety-nine percent of the time. And when they're not over, he's still playing loud music. If it's not heavy metal, rap, or Gwen Stefani, it's Pirates of the Caribbean. I think I've heard Pirates at least forty times since they moved here.

And when they're outside, I'm afraid to leave my apartment. If I look at them, I worry that they're going to shout profanities at me, and if there's no one home, I'm afraid that they're going to break into our apartment and steal what little we have. They seriously freak me out.

Anyway... I just needed to vent. Ope, here we go. The kid is crying again after some harsh words by evil momma. Gah. I despise stupid people. Door slams. More crying.

...Jaron is home, finally. Yay.


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