Saturday, June 11, 2011


The road was indeed empty. Although he had to admit it would be easy to do so, no one was going to follow him. There was only one person who would want to know where he was taking this package. But she wasn't going to follow him, not tonight.


So Nintendo announced their Wii U console at E3. I finally got a good enough connection to watch their whole presentation (like 70 minutes). I've always been a big fan of Nintendo, for their innovation as well as the gameplay of their games. I'm sure you've heard me talk about The Legend of Zelda before (I beat Majora's Mask again last night), Metroid, Kirby, all the Mario games, Pokemon--they always bring something new to the table.

And they've done it again. While all the other systems (who are too busy loving their own graphics to focus on real gameplay) have been trying to catch up with the motion controls, Nintendo is now far ahead again--and this time with beautiful graphics and lame FPS (first-person shooters) games so that the so-called "hardcore gamers" will shut their stupid mouths. And I quote: "We need more mature games, not kiddi games. Sometimes you just need to shoot someone in the face."

...Sure, it's really mature to blow stuff up, guys (I guess that's why little boys love it so much). And that feeling of 'needing to shoot someone in the face'? I think you need to see a psychiatrist about that antisocial disorder.

Ahem. Next order of business.

Work has officially begun on my second novel, a sort of sequel to Tsirash. It will be a lot different than the first one, starting with the type of plot, cast of characters, and possibly switching POV (point of view) throughout the book.

I cranked out the opening scene yesterday, and Jaron said he's genuinely excited. I'll be sharing at our writing group next week, so I'll have a better grasp of reader response.

Another thing I'm hoping for with this new book is a deeper writing style. More details, little things that make the world richer (without being overbearing or dull), because this time, the story is bigger than just Octras. Sure, he'll be a major player in this new book, but his story is less than half of the big picture now.


P.S. As a side note of nerdiness about Elvish: The placement of ash (no) changes the exact meaning of a phrase. Ashja means "No fire" or "inflammable" while Jash means "Not fire" or "cold". You also may want to note that the Metan word for fire and the Elvish word for fire are the same--but the conjugations differ.

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