Saturday, July 16, 2011

Game Music/Guess Whose Mii #7

I miss having a piano. I would never lug one of those giant, heavy things into my apartment, though, even if one was offered to me. I play when I can, usually when I go to my parents' house--that's where all my sheet music is, too. Not that I actually have much of my own. It's just the FFIX Piano Collection and some Debussy and a few random pieces. I haven't learned a new song since... I can't even remember. When I play, it's usually just to remind my fingers of what they already know.

(Oh. My. Heck. Stupid white-trash neighbors.)

Anyway... back to music. So we have a little music creator on our computer, and I've been using it to write down a few pieces as I mean for them to be, with flutes and harps and guitars and music boxes and violins and stuff. I'll probably never get to hear any of my pieces on those instruments in real life, so midi is as close as it gets. Plus I've made a few new songs. Eventually, I'm hoping to amass enough to score Jaron's video game. I wrote four pieces for the forest world and two for the ice world so far.

It's enough to get by. I find myself listening to the pieces over and over again because I can't play them myself.

(Shut up! Geez, it's like this every freaking day.)


So this is going to be the last Mii. I have more, but... I'll save those for later. All right. Who is this?


  1. Okay, I can't remember his name, but I'm going to guess that it's Octras's friend, the one that Jake reminds him of.

  2. When I moved out of my parents house, I missed playing the piano too. So I saved up my pennies and bought a somewhat cheap little digital piano. I'm sure it's not the best piano in the world but it sure has been nice to have something to play! Just a thought. :]

  3. Good idea. If we hadn't needed a new car I probably would have bought one already. :( Maybe next year.

  4. Hint: Who is the only elf with blue eyes?

  5. Oh, is that the one that Shenra likes - Garin?

  6. I was going to suggest the same thing: getting a keyboard or something instead of buying a big piano. It wouldn't take up as much space, and it's easier to carry up stairs. :)

  7. We did Jake already, right? So it's gotta be Garin. I think.

    We could find space for a keyboard... but then you wouldn't be forced to let your musical energy out by making songs for me! :(