Monday, July 4, 2011

Voices of Dragons/Guess Whose Mii #4

My rating: 3 of 5 stars ***

Okay. So I basically read this book in a single afternoon. And I sort of expected it to be exactly how it was. I did hope for a little better, but I wasn't really disappointed, either.

One of the strongest points of this novel was the pacing. It started off strong, with our main character, Kay, being saved by a dragon. I was immediately thrown into this world, this... alternate reality, as it were.

See, the pretense of this novel is that after the U.S. nuked Japan at the end of WWII, long-forgotten legends, the dragons, came out from deep underground. There was another war of sorts, ending with a shaky peace between the humans and the dragons. The humans surrendered part of the world (the arctic circle, pretty much) and they've had a truce for the last sixty years.

Sound interesting enough? So no one really knows anything about the dragons anymore. They keep to themselves, far away from the territory borders. And curious people are usually stopped from crossing by local law enforcement. Until Kay is saved by the grey dragon Artegal. They start seeing each other regularly, learning from each other, becoming friends. It's something like Romeo and Juliet with dragons, and in fact, the book draws this parallel itself.

But here's where the story fell flat. Let's start with the military. You know, always the bad guys? Of course there's some sort of conspiracy to start the war again, and with no real reason except to show off fancy new equipment and raise hell for the dragons. Because, let's face it, the people in the military are always corrupt. In fact, there's only one person in the military who seems to be a somewhat 'okay' person, but they end up dropping their niceties over a stunt Kay pulls.

The other thing that bothered me was that, while Kay is a smart, interesting person, her friend Tam is another cliche backdrop to the story. "Let's buy expensive prom dresses." "I have a boyfriend and he's the best." "Sex is the best thing in the world." "Did you do it yet?" "You seriously didn't do it? What's wrong with you?" That's right, she's a shallow sex addict. Actually, in a way, I was reminded of the stupid friend Jessica from Twilight. I found that stuff pretty much equal.

So while there were some things about this that I really liked in the concept, there were others that were just plain lazy writing in execution. So it gets docked a star for military, docked a star for stupid Tam. 


All right. Now for the fun part. Let's see... Jaron added his guess to #2, Jake, so he gets five points (since it's already over). #3 was... Octras! So Tyrel, Jaron, and Valerie get fifteen points. All right. Now that that's figured out... 

Next Mii! Who is this?


  1. I'm going to guess that it's Xisht.

  2. Everyone keeps beating me to it! It's Xisht.

    :D This is fun, Rachel. I like that you're writing so many posts, and good ones.