Friday, September 23, 2011


I feel really lazy for not writing in over a week. I may have said this before, but my job is very tiring and so when I get home I don't feel like doing anything. Lately that means spending way too much time on video games.

However, just because I haven't written anything doesn't mean I haven't thought about writing. I've gotten all sorts of good ideas this week from people-watching, working, and trimming my mom's bushes... which brings me to the main point of this post.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.

It doesn't have to be from an intense brain-storming session, or even from being slightly productive. Going about work as usual can be just as inspiring as going on a soul-searching journey through the wilderness. And I would never rule out video games as a source of inspiration, either. I started up Minecraft again this week, and as I was making a map and exploring the randomly-generated world, this random thought popped into my head: what if I wrote a story centered around this world? Snow to the North, deserts to the West, mountains and caves to the South and East... that might make a neat setting for a novel.

Of course, inspiration can also come from others. I love having two writing groups--one of people I knew in school, one of people I met through the library system. Each group has a different feel, and so when one group is stumped by a problem, the other can solve it. This past Tuesday the Columbus writing group said something that really stuck with me, and I think I'll be incorporating that into Rael's character. So cool.

Well, I'd like for you, dear readers, to tell me what crazy things have inspired you.

Until next time!



  1. I, personally, usually get inspired when I'm already in bed and should be sleeping. I don't think it's necessarily from anything I've done. Maybe it's just because the house is finally quiet, and my brain has a chance to actually hear itself. But I do agree with you that anything can be an inspiration: a conversation you have with someone, something you see, or a place you go. It's awesome. :)

  2. I get hit with inspiration while I'm in the shower pretty often. I think that might be because I'll be working on a project, then look at the time and realize I'm gonna be late for something if I don't get ready soon, so I'm forced to step away from the computer for a while, but I keep thinking about it. Stepping back from a project even momentarily can really help you see new things.

  3. I admit some inspiration from video games, but that often takes me to places already explored in depth.

    The more interesting inspiration has been coming through observing people around me, especially the way they treat each other, and why. I have a nice big family which provides a endless supply of quirks, dramas, and fun.