Friday, September 9, 2011

Query Letter Babylon

I should be writing the next part of my sequel right now.

I finally came up with a sample query letter. It says pretty much nothing about me. It's a hook and a few lines to show what Tsirash is about. I still have a lot of research to do agent-wise. Nikki from the Columbus Writing Group lent me a book called Your First Novel, by Ann Rittenberg and Laura Whitcomb. Half of the book is about writing, half is about publishing.

Since my book is already done (although I'm still open for revisions as little issues come up--my brother Andy and I have been trading feedback for the past few weeks) I kinda skimmed the first half of Your First Novel and went straight for the publishing part. It's been really useful and I'm so glad Nikki let me borrow it. I'm thinking about just purchasing another copy so I can have it on hand even after she wants it back. Anyway, there's a lot of work that goes into publishing. I knew that already, and I knew that there was a lot I will have to do to promote my own book. But getting to know what agents do/don't do and what I can expect in terms of waiting periods, questions I'll be asked, advances (money--sure I want to make a profit, but it's not the main reason I'm doing this... if it was, I'd be in major trouble) and contracts.

One great suggestion given in this book (and I'm sure I've seen it elsewhere too) is that I look for the agents of authors I admire, whose writing styles are similar to my own. My brain screams, "Brandon Sanderson!" I finished Warbreaker a week or so ago (a review is coming soon, I promise) and loved it. This may be pretentious, but... I do think we have similarities in style. The idea wasn't even brought up by me. Someone at our writing group brought it up several times a few months ago. "This reminds me of a Sanderson novel," he said. "Have you read anything of his?"

"No... but I will now!"

So far, I've digested two of them, and I definitely want to consume the Mistborn trilogy. Om nom nom.

Words are delicious.


PS. The title for this post comes from a chapter heading of Your First Novel.

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  1. Wow! This sounds complicating. Maybe once you figure this all out, you can help me. I'll let you do all the hard stuff. :P