Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stupid Synopsis

I sent out my second batch of queries today after taking a long, hard look at my basic query letter. My pitch needed some work.

The standings are now thus:
Sent: 15
Rejected: 4

As soon as I revise my synopsis I'll send out some more. The synopsis... is just okay. It's work to me to do this. Writing the book was the easy part. This is nerve-wracking, wear-me-down, make-me-bleed work. Writing a query wasn't so tough, but for some reason that synopsis is killing me. I don't know what balance to strike between speed and detail, what rhythm I should follow, how much I should hold back, and how much I should let go.

And the thing is... there's no perfect solution.

Because people are different, there's not an answer that will appeal to every agent. I just have to trust myself. And that scares me.




  1. I hated the synopsis, I actually avoided agents who requested them until I found a different angle. I wrote it in the POV of my MC, which gave the 'and this happened' a voice other than my own. It's so far been successful...maybe try it and see how you like it. :)

  2. Rachel, I'd love to look at it. I offer critiques on synopsis and queries on my blog come check me out. the newest one will be posted tomorrow (Monday)

  3. I struggle with the synopsis as well. It just doesn't SOUND as awesome as everything else!

    Suzie Townsend had a post on synopsis a while ago, maybe it will help.

    Good luck!