Saturday, December 17, 2011


How real are your dreams? How much do you remember about them?

My dreams are often very vivid, but almost never make logical sense. Of course, that keeps them interesting. I'm sure some psychologist could tell me some really crazy stuff about myself because of that... but still, they're just dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamed about a house of death. Perfectly preserved corpses laid behind glass walls, their bodies positioned like any you'd see at a funeral. I knew none of them--but was asked to release their spirits. By making their spirits visible through my breath, I could set them free. Of course, I almost passed out every time I did so.

I also dreamed that night about telling my family about this dream. And I lied to them about it. I'm still not completely sure why that was the case. Dream logic is a strange thing.

Like I said, my dreams are vivid. Sometimes I am uneasy when I wake because of this, sometimes happy, or sometimes dizzy. I ran a lot in a dream last night, and this morning I woke with shin splints. I don't know whether I am a very strange person--and by extension, a character of mine--or if this is relatively normal for other people. This is both for research purposes and to satisfy my own curiosity; I'd like to know what your experience with dreams has been.

So again I ask: how real are your dreams, and how much do you remember about them?



  1. Well... I actually never dream. Or at least I never remember my dreams.

    I hear I'm missing out.

    Oh well!

  2. Well, I only remember dreams if I wake up in the middle of them. But my dreams are kind of interesting because when I'm dreaming, I know I'm dreaming, and I can change what happens in them. When I was little, I used to have nightmares a lot, but then one day, I changed what happened in the dream, and now I can do it wit any of my dreams, so I never have nightmares anymore. It's kind of interesting.

  3. Girl, you better turn that dream into a book. Great premise.

    I dream pretty vividly, too. Epic dreams along LOTR lines. Those are my favorite, though I can't say I've ever woken up with shin splits ;)

  4. @Kelley: At least that means you don't have nightmares, right?

    @aloeiy: I sometimes feel like I wake up in the middle of all my dreams. I've heard that you only dream for a few minutes at a time, but you have to wake during or shortly after that little window in order to remember them. But what do I know? I'm no scientist.

    @Juliana: I could tell hundreds of stories based on odd dreams I've had. But they're just a start--without some really good plots to go along with them, they're kind of useless. ;)