Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writing and Posting

After a few weeks of being stuck, I've finally written a somewhat decent scene--after too many attempts. And now that I'm okay with it, I've moved on. I knew what I wanted to happen, but it was from a point of view I'm still not used to, and I kept flip-flopping on the details (had the guards already seen Rael, or was she still being sneaky?). Because of that, it took a really long time to get past it. I thought about just moving on, but I felt like I had to get something down. Compared to that, the next three scenes were ridiculously easy. 

Anyway. I'm going to get back into the swing of things. I could always complain about how work drains me and stuff, but the truth is, I just need to write. Every day. I think it's definitely going to help that I'm doing the A to Z challenge in April. That will force me to write something, even if it isn't for my current project. I've already filled in a few of the blanks with topics - A for a horrible fear of mine, F for Fire Emblem (I finished Radiant Dawn last night. The final boss was ridiculous. Thank you, Fortify staff.)

On another, somewhat related note, I generally post twice a week, because that's what I like to see as a reader. I've been reading all over the place, on blogs and writing-help sites, that writers "should post something once or twice every day." I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with that. I have a lot of projects to work on (book, board game, art, video game, reading, piano, writing, etc.) as well as real-life work and social endeavors to tend to, and can only check my feeds about once a week. When I see story of her life(1)* I'll read it. When I see story of her life(6) I read the first one, and maybe the second, then mark all as read.

See, I follow a lot of you. And I love following your lives, your experiences, your writing, your advice... but as I previously mentioned, I have a lot to do. And I just can't keep up with everything. Sorry.

Well, I don't want to end on a sad thing... so... how about a snippet from that difficult scene I was talking about?

Rael sprinted. The floor was rough on her bare feet, but her shoes made too much noise. Without them she'd get much farther before she was spotted. Her body wasn't used to running this far anymore--it resisted with every step--but there was no time to catch her breath. The trial would be over quickly, if it wasn't already; Rael knew Shosu didn't have the patience for a long debate.

She paused as she reached an adjacent hallway, peering around the corner. There were three guards at the end of it, talking amongst themselves. Damn, she thought. If the guards saw her, she'd lose the only chance she'd ever have of leaving.

Rael knew only one other way to the Wolf's Den. She turned back the way she had come and took a different hallway. In a moment she was down a different hallway, and there on her left--

"Eh, princess!" Kaimar said, his eyes wide with surprise. "Finally made it out, did ya?"

Rael nodded, slipping between the bars. The other prisoners looked up from their seats, mouths beginning to form the questions she knew were coming. How? Could they escape as well? Rael's hand tightened around the tool she held. She wouldn't be able to help them, let alone explain how she'd been freed. The prisoners walked toward her, Kaimar at the head, all talking at once.

"Oh, shut up. You'll alert the guards," Rael said.


*Excuse me for using my own feed as an example. I didn't want to point fingers or embarrass anyone. I love you all, otherwise I wouldn't be following you! ;)

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  1. Great excerpt Rachel!

    I know what you mean about being busy. Gosh, there just isn't enough time in the day.

    And I agree, posting more than once a day?? No thank you. :) haha. I post about three times a week and I think people appreciate that. We ALL don't have enough time :)

    Have a great weekend!