Monday, April 2, 2012

Board Games

Let's face it, board games are awesome. They were around long before video games, and are really fun to play with friends and family. Some awesome board games for lovers:

If you like world-domination, you'll love this version. It's made to play with the same people every time you play, and permanent changes to the game are made each time (or at least, for the first fifteen games). Different 'factions' have different abilities, all chosen by the players, and when certain conditions are met (i.e. "Open the first time a faction is eliminated from the game") even more awesome stuff is added to the game. No two games are the same. You can name your own cities and stuff, too. Oh, and if you're feeling daring, you can open the packet that says "Do not open. Ever."

This game takes cute chibis, video games, and dungeon crawlers, and mixes them up in a really fun way. The game comes with adorable miniatures (yes, you have to put them together and glue them yourself, but...) which you can paint any way you like. You can play as the Heroes, exploring the dungeons, or as the Consul, sending hordes of minions to slay them. I admit that playing as the Consul is more fun for me. When the game gets some expansions, we'll have even more fun.

Sit down for a night of storytelling with this game. You're going on an adventure as Sindbad, Aladdin, or one of the other famous characters of the 1001 tales, and may just meet your destiny! Court princesses, escape from prison, outwit efreets... or rob the beggar. ;) This game is delightful and although there's a winner, most of the fun comes from just creating your own story.

...and I know this isn't exactly a board game, but... 

Cuteness, strategy, and simplicity rolled into one, Villages is a quick card game best for three to five players. It's a rummy-style game of collecting colored cards into villages. Each card has a unique character with its own power, worth, and abilities. (Hint: you want that princess!) Go the fighter's way and attempt to steal cards from other players, or go the peaceful route and try to get rid of all your cards first. First player to 100 points wins!


*Come on, it's a baby of ours, and we want to see it do well. And I wouldn't plug it if it wasn't awesome. You know that, right?


  1. I love board games! We have family game night when we can and play Monopoly or Scrabble all night. My kids also love Clue and Sorry. You know, the classics!

    Looking forward to all your posts this month!

    The Other Side
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

    1. Yeah, those really are classic! I like them, too. :)

  2. Lord of the Rings Risk - that is my game! Oh and I just recently found Catan -that's a good done too

    Happy A to Z

    1. Ooh. I love that there's so many different versions of Risk. I've seen some pretty fun ones. And Settlers of Catan is fun, too.

  3. I love board games! Thanks for sharing these few. I will definitely go get some.

  4. Nothing like playing The Game of Life on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Our family will break out the snacks, crank out the oldies music and play for a few hours over some pretty hilarious commentary! I've always enjoyed the bonding time.

    Keep rockin' out the A-to-Z posts, you're doing great! :)

    1. Wow, I haven't played that one in years. Sounds like a lot of fun. I kind of miss playing with little kids. My nieces and nephews aren't quite old enough to play my favorites yet. ;)