Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm horrible at telling jokes. Anyone who knows me also knows that when the jokes are going around, even if I have the best one, I don't have the best delivery.

In fact, if the joke is good, I can't get through it without laughing.

For me, emotion transfers really strongly when I think about things. I remember how I felt (and will probably feel it again) when I remember the way something looked or sounded or smelled... or how funny it was. So when I think about that joke, I still feel like it's hilarious, even if it was circumstantial (like it was late and I was tired). 

So here are some things I thought were funny--and no, they're not really jokes. But, I work with kids, and kids say strange things at random times... and that to me is worth laughing about.

(Kids speak in bold.)

(Trying to get a kid to tell me what month it was...) 
"What month is your birthday in?"
"My birthday's in May!"
"So what month is it?"

(This kid asks me the same question every day.) 
"You marry me?"
"Sorry, I'm already married."
"Me hate you."

(Trying to gauge someone's math skills...) 
"Count to ten for me."
"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!"
"Awesome! Now count backward from ten."
"Okay!" (he turns around) "One, two, three..."

(Watching a kid pull junk from his lunch box...)
 "Hey, you should bring some vegetables tomorrow."
"Me no like a vegetable... vegetables is not food." 

Well, at least I think they're funny. And cute. ;)



  1. These are fun. I love "vegetables is not food!" I agree. ;)

    1. Best part of that story is, he now puts them in his lunch. ;) Positive influence FTW!

  2. LOL, I did laugh to the third one (he turns around and counts "1,2,3") :)

    1. But not the other ones? ;) We seriously laughed for about ten minutes when that happened. It was so cute.

  3. SO fun!

    ANd i'm horrible at telling jokes too. I always laugh before I get to the end. :)

    1. Exactly my problem. :) Then no one can even understand what I'm saying.

  4. Those are all really funny. Here's one that happened to me just the other day with my little sister.
    Her, "Snakes don't poop."
    My mom, "Why not?"
    Her, "Because they don't have bottoms."

    Little kids are so funny. They crack me up.

    1. Haha. Snakes are pretty weird.

      Your little sister is super cute. I think it's funny that she gets so shy when I'm around!