Saturday, April 14, 2012

Majora's Mask

"You're the bad guy. And when you're bad, you just run. That's fine, right?"

I'd like to talk about something truly amazing today. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the darkest, most beautiful Zelda game in its 25-year history. With complex puzzles, satisfying action, a detailed story, and one of the coolest gameplay mechanics ever to grace a console, Majora's Mask is the best game I have ever played

Majora's Mask is the story of Termina, a world that's doomed long before our hero Link ever arrives. After saving Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, Link sets off on a journey in search of a beloved friend. But out in the woods, tired and alone, Link loses his way, is robbed by a masked Skull Kid, and winds up in a town that's only three days away from total annihilation. 

You see, Termina's moon is falling.

That's right, it's falling. And the only way to save the people from certain death is to cheat it--by traveling back in time. Unaware that they're sort of stuck in a time loop, the humans, deku, goron, and zora people are dealing with their own massive problems, the least of which is that the world is going to end in three days. Can Anju find Kafei--and will they be able to keep their promises to each other? What happened to the Butler's son? What has taken Romani's memories away? Where are Lulu's eggs--and why has she lost her voice? Each character has their own story, their own path to follow, and the only one who can save them is Link.

But he cannot save everyone--at least, not from death, and this is where the story takes an even darker turn. There is a song, called the Song of Healing, that 'heals' tormented souls, taking away their sorrow, and leaves behind a special mask. By putting on these masks, Link can take on the form of the one who was healed--in essence, wearing the body of a dead man. So, besides being Hylian, Link is also able to take the form of a deku scrub, a goron hero, and a zora musician... 

...and perhaps something far more scary...

The goal is to help the people, destroy the evil that has taken hold in the temples, stop the moon from falling, and most importantly, stop the Skull Kid, who wears the mask of the evil god(dess) Majora.

Is it any wonder that this game holds so much of my heart?

**When Majora's Mask was originally released for the N64, it didn't get the attention it deserved. But something is going on right now to bring this amazing game to the 3DS, so it can have its moment in the spotlight. It's called Operation Moonfall, and you can join the effort today by going here and signing the petition for Nintendo to make this happen. They currently have over 45,000 signatures, and with your help, Nintendo will not be able to ignore us for long.

Until then, you can get the game on the Wii's Virtual Console (but who doesn't want to see it in all the glory it totally deserves?).**



  1. While the very first Zelda game will always be my favorite, I really love MM. After I played Ocarina on the 3DS, I immediately wished MM was on there too. The last thing I heard Nintendo say is they want to focus on a brand new Zelda game for the 3DS before they bring the older ones on. I'm sure MM will one day be available in 3D. In fact, I just wrote an article about Zelda games they should remake for the 3DS.

    1. Haha, I've never actually beaten the first one. I got through the most of it, but I'm just not good enough to finish. I die too much.

      I read your article. Miyamoto wants to do ALttP, right? That was my favorite of the overhead(2D) games, so I'd be all for that. But as for remaking WW, I think it's a little early to call that one. There's a Gamecube engine on the Wii, so it's still accessible, whereas MM sometimes glitches out on the VC.

  2. Hey lady! I tagged you on my blog (I'm awful and am still getting around to responding to your meme!)

    1. Yeah, I saw that! :) I'll get around to that probably after the challenge is over.

  3. Wow, sounds like a really cool game!

    1. It really is, and it's so different from a lot of the other Zelda titles because of the time system, 24 masks, and focus on characters. Plus the puzzles are HARD, which makes me so happy. The newer ones just don't have that level of thinking.