Saturday, April 28, 2012


Countdown to rewrite: 34 days

I play the piano. (You forgot about that, didn't you?) I play well, I might add. Not at a professional level, but better than most amateurs--enough to get a I- at music festivals (meaning, A- on classical competition). Sometimes I forget this, but I also got to accompany a choir singing For Good on live television for a Veteran's Day concert. But...

I don't own a piano. Not even a lousy keyboard. When I want to play, I have to find the time to go to my mother's house, when she doesn't have a student, and mess with the baby grand. It's a Yamaha.

I love the sound of it. Everyone says that Steinway pianos are the best in the world, but... the sound has always been too mellow for me. I like the brighter tones of the piano back home. Maybe it's because it's familiar, maybe it's because it fits my personality. I don't know. But for whatever reason, I like Yamahas. 

The way the keys feel, with perfect width, the way the pedals sink when I put my shoeless foot on them--I hate wearing shoes when I play--the way the final notes of my favorite pieces sound as I let them flow into each other... 

I miss it, you know. I used to be much better than I am now, although people still tell me that my songs sound beautiful. But really, muscle memory is the only thing that lets me play Claire de Lune, Arabesque no. 1, Prelude in D minor, Eternal Harvest, and other pieces anymore. I sometimes forget songs I wrote, now.

But enough reminiscing. I'm still doing all right. The fact that I remember those pieces at all is amazing--I learned those two Debussy pieces when I was 15 and 16. The important part is, I like the sound of Yamaha pianos. 

Any other musicians out there? What sounds do you like from your instruments?



  1. I have a sweet and mellow spinet, which I love for playing classical music, but I like the Grand piano at my church for more dramatic music, like soundtrack music and some hymns.

    1. Things do sound more... grand on a Grand piano. :) I like using my church's organ. They're so different from playing a piano, though!

  2. Hmm... well I used to play the saxophone and the french horn. I'd be pretty bad if I tried to play now.

    I do sing though. That I pretty well.

    I really wish I could play piano. good for you!

    1. Ooh, saxophone. I love the sound of those!

      And your singing voice is lovely. I wish I could do more mainstream stuff like you do. My voice is has a clear classic tone that doesn't suit some styles very well.

  3. I tried playing the flute once-lol!

    I enjoying singing; such a wonderful form of releasing!

    I admire any type of artist! Such gifted people that bless the world with their talent!

    I'm visiting you during the challenge! I intend to come back and visit many more times. I am now your follower!

    Hope you will zoom by my blog- hope you will become my newest follower!

    1. Singing is awesome. :) Thank you very much for the kind comment. Not everyone appreciates artists (especially as a career), so thank you.

      I like to check out all of my followers' blogs, so I'll get to yours soon!