Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Life is making me cry.

As a kid, I was always a crybaby, and people pointing out that fact made me cry even more. But somewhere around eighth grade, when I started getting depressed, that all went away. I didn't... feel. Luckily I found the help I needed to get better, to enjoy life without tears. For the past week or so, though, everything makes me cry again. I get emotional over the stupidest little things. Stuff that shouldn't make me cry. TV shows, movies, music, reading a stupid manga, thinking about my sister, writing a post or a page of my book... things that don't normally make me upset.

I can't help but wonder... is that because I'm going back to the way I once was, did something traumatic happen to my subconscious, or is it the very belated side-effect of a medication change? It's hard for me to know what's "personality" and what's "psychological disorder." The world has blurred the lines there. Is someone spontaneous, fun, and easily distracted just that way, or are they suffering from ADD? Anyway. I've always had a lot of empathy, even for complete strangers and fictional characters, but I'm telling you, this crying thing now borders on ridiculous. I could start bawling if my cat meows, for crying out loud (whee).

Would that bother you, being around someone who cries at stupid stuff? It's embarrassing for me as the crybaby--and of course, that embarrassment will just make me cry some more.

Somebody slap me in the face and tell me I'm crazy. *oww* 



  1. I know you told me to slap you in the face and tell you you're crazy, but I'm not going to since it's not true. If it makes you feel better, that happens to me sometimes too. There might be a week, or more...where little things will make me really emotional too, and I have no idea what causes it. Maybe if I studied those times, I might be able to figure out some sort of correlation, but since I didn't record everything that was happening at the time, I don't know. I'd only worry if it keeps happening over a longer period of time. But you're not crazy; you're awesome!

  2. Ever since I was married I cry a lot more. Commercials, the news, anything even remotely emotional. It's kind of ridiculous, because I hate crying, but it's not going away. I just sniffle and deal with it :P

  3. *puts on a Brooklyn accent* Fuh-get about it!

    I get into this kind of thing, too, where I'll cry at everything for a while. But then it goes away. I'm sure you'll go back to normal soon. :D

  4. You're NOT crazy.

    I was NEVER a crier. I laughed at the end of the Notebook because all these women around me were sobbing. Then I had my child, and everything, including cat food commercials, makes me cry.

    I'm assuming you haven't given birth lately. But either way, hormonal shifts will make you more sensitive. LIFE will make you cry sometimes. That said, keep tabs on it. If you think it is something to do with your meds, stay on top if it. I know how hard it can be to switch meds (I was on meds for a while in college). But it's worth it IF it's necessary.

    In the meantime, cry it out babe!

  5. Thanks, guys. It's... reassuring to hear that I'm not the only one. It's just hard for me to know if what's been happening is normal or there's something wrong. I'll just have to stick it out and see if it goes away.