Saturday, June 16, 2012

Luna's Birthday

So... my cat Luna's birthday was last week, and the horrible mommy I am, I completely forgot about it until Monday. It's not just any kitty celebration--sure she gets special food and treats and stuff, but this birthday was special because it represents a milestone in both of our lives.

Luna was born when I was twelve years old, in 2002. I kinda can't believe it, but my baby is ten years old. She's been with me for half of my life. These past ten years, we've shared some losses and some gains, and we've learned so much about each other.

She loves cuddling, nuzzling, and sleeping under the blankets next to me--something Jaron had to adapt to when we got married. She goes crazy over my hair elastics, and I find a few in her water bowl every morning. She likes the taste of earwax, eating paper, and sleeping on electronics. And... I know that she loves me. She can tell when I'm having a hard time, and she takes good care of me on those days. She responds verbally when I talk to her... and if Jaron and I are not home for a long time, Luna worries about us, sometimes so much that she makes herself sick.

Luna is the prettiest, and maybe sweetest, cat on the planet, and I'm not just saying that because she's my baby. She has the cute shape of an American Shorthair, but the coloring of a Siamese. Most cats don't like visitors, but she definitely does. People who generally hate cats love Luna, no joke. Luna is special. Just see for yourself.

Happy birthday, kitty. We love you. 



  1. Aww, happy birthday, Luna! You sound like an utterly amazing kitty :)

    1. She says thanks. Sometimes she's so cute I can't stand it. Naughty thing threw up on my carpet this morning, though. I guess that's the downside to owning cats, haha. :P