Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paladin - Human

happy tummy + no work = super productivity

I'm already changing things for my rewrite. Having started a second book where you get to see other perspectives has really helped me to develop Tsira's personality into something more likable. She's still really weird, of course, but not so bitter. I like the direction she's taken. 

Without work getting in the way, I've also been free to finish my miniatures, work on Dungeonball, read Juliana's manuscript (yay!), and of course, play lots of video games.

So. Dungeonball has taken some fun twists in mechanics, and we've ditched a few character classes... so technically, I shouldn't have to do as much artwork. But because I'm me, and I like making things difficult, I'm still planning on drawing every possible combination. This means that even though you've seen the wizard, you'll also get to see the feline wizard, and dragon wizard, and undead wizard. You'll also get to see bonus characters we dropped, like the detective. :)

As the title says, you get to see our human paladin today. He's not my favorite of the first batch, but he's still pretty cute.



  1. He is cute. He looks kind of like Thor. ;)

    Sorry, Avengers on the brain.

    1. Ahh, that Avengers stuff you've been posting is really food for thought... and I guess he does kind of look like Thor. It wasn't intentional, but hey, I have no problem taking a compliment like that!

  2. What's a Paladin? I thought the miniature kind of looked like a nurse with all those crosses!

    I've emailed you about that post of mine btw.

    1. They're basically Holy Knights. In games they're usually powerful against undead creatures and sometimes have healing abilities. ;)