Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've been rather lazy lately--really I just procrastinate too much. Sometimes I worry that I should be more formal here. More... professional. It keeps me from posting. And every day, the world says that I should. "If you want to be a professional, you have to act like one." Regular posting and good advice means professional blog. So they say. But I can't spout that stuff all the time. Eh, I don't know what I'm saying here. No great advice today, no professional thoughts to speak of. (Eww, I've said 'professional' four, er, five times in one paragraph.)

The week has been slow as I've settled into my summer freedom. 

After a month of creative explosions, I can only say that I finished painting the kobold minions I was working on, drew a bunch of characters that may or may not be included in Dungeonball, and wrote a little over fifty pages of my rewrite... meaning that I fell short of my goals. I still have a good twenty chapters ahead... and basically sixty days to write them. Still have lots of artwork ahead of me, still have lots of manuscript to pore over, still have to make "hay" figurines, still have, still have... blah.

Looking at all that I've done, though, I feel okay. The fact that I've completed four drafts of a novel... that's the biggest thing that makes me happy. I'm not a quitter. I don't leave work half-finished. One step at a time, things will get done.

Plus I just beat Mass Effect 2. This is what I do when I procrastinate... video games are great at eating away time I don't have. But hey, it was fun. Jaica Shepard brought her whole team (aside from the crew... sorry, Kelly...) back, and she's happy loving Thane for the rest of his life. 

She looks pretty dang evil, though, with the glowy scars. We thought it was a good contrast to my husband's beautiful, angelic Alyce, so we kept them... It's fun to see the differences built into the game between being a paragon and renegade.

My husband's character Alyce, Paragon, loves Liara.

My character Jaica, Renegade, loves Thane.

Well, okay, so I've been a little obsessed with playing it in my lazy state. But it's over now, right? Right? mean there's another one...? Crap.

Until next time. Peace.


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  1. I never know how professional to be on my blog either, especially since I'm trying to start Fridgecrisis Games as a "professional" company. But like you said, worrying about it makes me not write anything at all. They say that transparency and honesty are some of the most important traits of your online persona in this social media world. If people like you as a person, they'll be much more likely to like your product. So be yourself.

    When in doubt, I think about Notch. That guy is a huge indie success, but he still tweets and blogs about the little things he's doing. He gets political sometimes. He talks about his latest obsessions. He posts jokes. It's definitely not all business, and not all Minecraft-related.