Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Since Last We Met (#2)

The positive luckily continues to outweigh the negative in life, and things are slowly starting to fit together in a manageable way. Over six posts I intend to highlight some of the progress I've made, show you sneak-peeks, and share useful tips I've picked up along the way.

#1: Work
#2: Novel-writing
#3: Book illustrations
#4: Painting
#5: Game Design
#6: Random Experiences

#2: Writing is still going slowly. From what little I managed to do when I played catch-up over NaNo (ya know, all of one typed page of actual drafting *ahem*) I did come up with a decent opening for a new story, set in a world with a never-ending struggle between Home and Gateway..

But it's not enough to come up with a pretty idea and think about what you can do with it. Putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, is the only way to make it from start to finish.

Meet Naime, our cat-anthro protagonist:

My best friend, Dem, has died forty three times. Our commander has died at least a hundred.

I've never experienced death, and it terrifies me.

They say it's no big deal. It hurts, sure, but it goes away after a few minutes. Burnt to a crisp. Electrocuted. Drowned. Poisoned. Eaten. Sliced open. Gutted. Bled out. Of course the best part is the complete relaxation that follows, when your soul leaves your body. It's no big deal.

After all, the Home Crystal keeps us safe. When we die, we simply reappear at Home, organs intact.

Still, I'm terrified.

What if I didn't come back?

Of course I couldn't neglect my main project, so about two days in I decided to hell with Dungeon Thief until Mura/Tsirash is done. Well done, NaNo, you distracted me for a whole 48 hours. *slow clap*

I am currently rewriting a section that sloppily stuck two scenes together without a clear transition or relation between them. Or rather, I'm rewriting the rewrite of that section, because it sucked. Badly. However, I am confident that the first 22,000 words are now at maximum capacity for greatness. At least, they've won over two writing groups and a few other readers.

Now, to get this manuscript polished before the upcoming pitching contest at LTUE... I don't know if I can work that fast, but I've got to try, right?



  1. Naime sounds like a fantastic protagonist! That snippet you shared is so intriguing. The thought of dying even with a guaranteed revival would freak me out, too.

    Good luck writing and polishing up that manuscript in time for the pitching contest!

    1. :D The idea came, surprisingly, from testing a prototype of a board game. Crazy.

  2. An agent asked to look at the first fifty pages of one of my manuscripts this week. While looking over these pages before sending, I found places that needed more continuity and more tension. There is something about being under the gun that focuses the attention.

    1. Wow, congrats! I've found that no matter how much I look at my work, there's always something to improve on. But you're absolutely right; deadlines really help focus your attention.