Saturday, December 15, 2012

Since Last We Met

The positive luckily continues to outweigh the negative in life, and things are slowly starting to fit together in a manageable way. Over the next six posts I intend to highlight some of the progress I've made, show you sneak-peeks, and share useful tips I've picked up along the way.

#1: Work
#2: Novel-writing
#3: Book illustrations
#4: Painting
#5: Game Design
#6: Random Experiences

#1: Work is a time- and energy-sucker.

I went back to recertify in manual restraint this week--an unfortunately necessity in my classroom. The training is really about "treating others with dignity and respect" and "developing positive relationships." But sometimes it's not enough, so it's also knowing what to do if you absolutely must physically intervene.

And, oh yeah, people die doing this. Rarely. But yeah, there's a whole section about catecholamine levels (one of your stress hormones) causing rhabdomyolosis (muscle-cell breakdown), and positional asphyxiation and all that horrible stuff that happens when done improperly. Which is why, again, manual restraint is only for when there is a very real, believable, and immediate threat. when your coworker is being choked.

But I'm making it sound like my class is death and it's not really like that.

See? Ahaha.

Liz is my sister, and the subject of this drawing. One of our students drew it just before she left our room. In reality Liz is gorgeous and really good with kids--but when you work in special ed and one of the kids tries to draw a picture of you, it usually looks, well... special. In truth, we all found the drawing hilarious. And heaven knows we could all use a little laughter. Sometimes even the naughty ones have their moments. You just have to remember to start over every day with a fresh pair of eyes, and see mistakes as what they are: mistakes. Forgiveness around here is absolutely essential. 


  1. Glad to hear the positive is outweighing the negative! It's also nice seeing you return with some updates. Looking forward to updates #2-6!

    As for the manual restraint, that sounds scary. I guess it's good that you're educated about it, though, in case worst ever really does come to worst!

  2. I'm really happy to hear that things are a bit better for you since I last stopped by. I'm hoping you have a good, stress-free Christmas :)

  3. Good things are better!

    Have a super duper Christmas!