Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Break of Reality - Vintage

Music. One of those amazing things that connects everything and everyone. One of the few things in life that's truly universal. And there's nothing I love more than finding a fantastic song that I can just set on repeat and listen to again and again without getting bored. 

Through Pandora, I discovered a song from the album Spectrum of the Sky which I really wanted to hear again. So I told my husband about it, and wonderful man that he is, he bought me the album. It stayed in my car's music player for over three weeks straight--something that almost never happens. It evokes powerful and soothing emotions in me, and I'd like to share my favorite song from that album with you.

Say hello to Vintage.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Procrastination Nation

Before I get to the fun part of this post, I should probably mention a few things. First off, I didn't get the library job. :( But one of the interviewers called me to tell me that I was a great candidate and should keep trying at other libraries. She did mention that someone else complained about my attire--I had come straight from work, and with all the crazy things that happen there, I don't dare wear anything really nice. But it's hard to go into an interview and immediately apologize. It doesn't look so good.

The other thing is, LTUE is next weekend. For those who don't know, that's a SciFi/Fantasy/Horror writer's conference that takes place every year in Utah. I went last year, and I'm looking forward to going again. If you live close enough to make it to Provo every day, or even if you don't and can make the drive to stay in the hotel where it's taking place, I'll direct you to ltue.net for more information.

Okay. So now the fun part. A couple of weeks ago, someone ran across my post on procrastination and contacted me about an interesting graphic about that topic. As it states at the bottom, the graphic came from OnlineClasses.org. Thanks, Allison!

Internships Infographic

Are you a chronic procrastinator? I'm pretty sure I am... shoes. And I'm always trying to justify it. And I already have people to keep me accountable, and I do set deadlines for myself. I just give myself waaay too many projects for my own good.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Since Last We Met (#6)

The positive luckily continues to outweigh the negative in life, and things are slowly starting to fit together in a manageable way. Over six posts I intend to highlight some of the progress I've made, show you sneak-peeks, and share useful tips I've picked up along the way.

#1: Work
#2: Novel-writing
#3: Book illustrations
#4: Painting
#5: Game Design
#6: Random Experiences

#6: I missed last week because I attended something called the Global Game Jam. We were given a theme (in this case, the sound of a heartbeat), and 48 hours to create a game. My husband and I came up with an RPG idea for a boy searching for pieces of his heart to impress a girl... After we teamed up with two programmers, the idea morphed into a platformer mixed with a rhythm game. (Ambitious goals for 48 hours, we now know.) It resulted in a bit of a mess, but I'm proud of my little boy and girl artwork and my little song for the game.

It's called Haunted Hearts, and while it may be glitchy (press R if you get stuck) the first level is playable here.

In other news, I have a list of things to share regarding my time away from the blog world. These are the things I've learned, in no particular order:

  • Having a job at the library would be the greatest thing ever. I interviewed last week... Hopefully they like me.
  • You can get pulled over by a cop just to be informed that your brake light on your passenger side is out.
  • Even garbage can be used to create something beautiful. 
  • My Little Pony is actually a good show. So don't diss on Bronies.
  • I really like Unagi... That is, eel. The texture of fish eggs is really interesting, too.
  • Giving someone a hug does not make your bad choices go away. You have to take responsibility and accept the consequences, whatever they may be.
  • Guns serve one primary purpose: to kill or maim living things. They cannot be compared to cars or birth control pills, because those serve another function. 
  • I have a hard time distinguishing a Melissa from a Michele. I always get those two names confused. :P
  • Peanut butter is delicious on apples.
  • Sometimes, happiness is not a choice. Say hello to all the depressives out there, and try to understand that there is something chemically wrong with their brain, not their soul.
  • It's possible that when you tell someone you are in a writing group, they'll think you said 'riding group' as in riding horses. Haha.
  • Twitter is awesome. But sometimes you need room for more than 140 characters.
TTFN, blog buddies. Enjoy the game! :)