Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Break of Reality - Vintage

Music. One of those amazing things that connects everything and everyone. One of the few things in life that's truly universal. And there's nothing I love more than finding a fantastic song that I can just set on repeat and listen to again and again without getting bored. 

Through Pandora, I discovered a song from the album Spectrum of the Sky which I really wanted to hear again. So I told my husband about it, and wonderful man that he is, he bought me the album. It stayed in my car's music player for over three weeks straight--something that almost never happens. It evokes powerful and soothing emotions in me, and I'd like to share my favorite song from that album with you.

Say hello to Vintage.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, this song is amazing! If the rest of the album is as awesome as this, I'm not surprised at all that this ended up on repeat for so long for you. One of my projects has a playlist that heavily features string instruments, so whenever I get around to working on it again, I suspect I won't be able to resist snatching up this album, too, for inspiration!