Monday, July 22, 2013


If you've been following me for a while, you may remember that I said I was writing music for a video game. That would be this one:

While it was a fun and exciting project, especially for a few of the "official" testers, after hundreds of hours of sprite-making, programming, glitch-patching, revising story lines, etc., Fridgecrisis Games gave up on the project. It was a great learning experience, but as skills improved, a few things became obvious. One, it was far too big a project for basically one person (with a little help in the music department) with no time to work on it. Two, ah, forget about two. And three, the program it was developed in, called RPG maker VX, was severely limiting gameplay-wise. 

With this in mind, however, the game as it stands is fully playable, really fun, and kind of hilarious. So, because we love it and want to share it, you can download the full game at The Fridge. Enjoy!

-Rachel Frost (tsirachel)

PS. +10 points if you caught my reference!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Bad, the Worse, and the Ugly

Bad things come in threes... or so I've been told.

A week ago today, my husband and I were driving to his mother's house when my car suddenly died. While we were going forty miles per hour. It's had troubles kind of like this before--this is the same car that was running on miracles with a shredded serpentine belt, leaky coolant cap, and basically no transmission fluid. Thankfully, my stepfather-in-law runs a towing company and knows a heck of a lot about cars. He replaced the fuel pump for us, and while he was at it he drained the water from my tail light and put a new bulb in it. 

But before the issue with my car was fixed, someone stole my husband's car. Yep. It was one of those easy-to-break-into Hondas, and in fact that very car had been stolen before. We thought, "we'll, there's no radio in it, nothing at all valuable about it, so what are the odds of it being stolen again? There'd be no point!" Turns out, we were wrong. By the time the police found it, there was only one wheel left on it, and the people who towed it (not the previously mentioned company, but another one) are charging more to get it back than the car is worth, at this point. So we're leaving it there. That worthless hunk of junk is cursed.

But remember, that's only two things.

On the Fourth of July, I hit my toe on my couch so hard that I heard a loud pop before I found myself on the floor in tears. It was kind of hilarious, actually, because such a little thing was so painful. You must know how badly a stubbed toe can hurt. But as the hours went on, the burning sensation didn't dissipate; it just got worse. My toe swelled like a balloon, and by the time I was going to bed, it had turned completely purple and black. So I started to worry it was broken. I looked up: sprained vs. broken toe. Unfortunately the symptoms are so similar that unless the bone is protruding from your skin it can be hard to tell. I gave it a day. I wasn't walking much anyway.

Finally I had to go to get an x-ray. If it was broken, it needed to be set, and even if it wasn't, I didn't have gauze and medical tape to buddy my toes together. 

And am I ever so glad it's not broken. Just bruised, ugly, and sprained. So I have to be careful for a few weeks while it heals. I think I pushed it too hard today, walking around everywhere. I still feel pretty silly, wearing this big old boot on my foot and limping like a baby over a tiny little toe. But hey, toes are important.

...and that's how my week went.