Monday, July 22, 2013


If you've been following me for a while, you may remember that I said I was writing music for a video game. That would be this one:

While it was a fun and exciting project, especially for a few of the "official" testers, after hundreds of hours of sprite-making, programming, glitch-patching, revising story lines, etc., Fridgecrisis Games gave up on the project. It was a great learning experience, but as skills improved, a few things became obvious. One, it was far too big a project for basically one person (with a little help in the music department) with no time to work on it. Two, ah, forget about two. And three, the program it was developed in, called RPG maker VX, was severely limiting gameplay-wise. 

With this in mind, however, the game as it stands is fully playable, really fun, and kind of hilarious. So, because we love it and want to share it, you can download the full game at The Fridge. Enjoy!

-Rachel Frost (tsirachel)

PS. +10 points if you caught my reference!


  1. I get +10 points!

    "Gave up on the project" sounds so sad. :'( But you're right, my next game will need to be much smaller in scope and be much more flexible in terms of code and where it can be played. We certainly learned a lot, though, and it really is fun to play as it is. :)

  2. Such a shame how this project had to be abandoned, but since it was a great learning experience, like you said, at least all that time spent on it wasn't for nothing!

  3. @Jaron - I knew you'd catch that.

    It sounds sad because it IS sad. Some people are never gonna give up on getting a finished game, though. (Note comments on Facebook: "I can be patient" and "I just want more content.") If time freezes for some reason... no, I'd rather have OW first.

    @Heather - I gained a new appreciation for programmers, I know that much. As far as music went, I learned some interesting things about clashing instruments and drum patterns (because I seriously knew NOTHING) as well as learning to write music without a piano in front of me.