Monday, November 4, 2013

You Can Do This

Blogging is hard, guys. Harder than writing a novel, apparently. My last post was in September. I skipped a whole month! I'd never skip writing for that long. I'd probably die if I did. My brain would drip out my ears from idea overload. But... Blogging? I have no ideas about what to say, what would be proper. What would make me sound awesome and smart.

And maybe that's okay. Because I'm not awesome and smart. No, I'm not an expert by any means. But it doesn't take an expert to share with others what knowledge you have. If it did, we writers would never be allowed to publish any books. Artists would never sell any paintings. Musicians would never record an album.

What a boring world we would live in, if everything was required to be perfect before leaving our fingertips! There's such beauty in learning and growing as we go along, and watching others do the same. I've recently read a lot of research on a few inspiring figures in the creative world. Oscar Wilde. Georgia O'Keeffe. Erik Satie. I can tell you now that they made a lot of mistakes before they got things right. And debates still rage over the quality of their works.

But they persisted. They wrote and painted and played even when no one was around, even when it got hard, even when they worried that they weren't awesome or smart or good at their respective art.

So I'll be back, soon this time. And I hope the rest of you will continue to share your words with the world. Whatever your worries are, whatever your struggles, you can do this. I know you can. Even if you don't believe in you, I do. 

Good luck!


PS. Melissa, this post exists because of you. Thank you. :)


  1. There's an awesome article in BYU Magazine this month about perfection from a mathematician's point of view. "With such problems, as long as we insist on getting a perfect answer--the one and only very best solution--we are utterly paralyzed by the size and complexity of the problem....But if I am willing to accept an answer that is only close to the perfect one--as soon as I give up on perfection--something amazing happens. We can get a very good approximate solution...blazingly, astoundingly fast.

  2. I have a hard time blogging sometimes, too. Either I'll have nothing to say, or I will have something to say, but just not the time/energy/enthusiasm to say it!

    That piece of art you shared at the bottom of this post is adorable, btw! :)

  3. Very true. A big gap and there is this feeling of something is not right.
    I make it a point to write at least once in a week.
    And the subject can be anything. I was listening to James Last (one of my old time fav) and thought, "hey why not write about him"

  4. Becky - Thanks for sharing. I now love that quote. :) I think as a society we are too obsessed with the ideal of perfection, when we, as people, are imperfect. It's the same reason that so many women have a negative view of their own bodies. You can't be happy with yourself unless you realize how fake those "perfect" models are, and that being regular ol' pretty is good enough.

    Heather - Staying enthusiastic is really tough. Seeing how others respond to it, though, makes it worth while. By the way, the art is from that children's book I've been working on. "I know you can" is the theme of the book, and so I find it works nicely with this post.

    Haddock - Excellent point. You can write about whatever you want! There's always at least one person who will find it interesting. :) Now I think I need to look up something by James Last...