Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Between the holiday prep, starting a new job, and a frustrating illness, I've been a bit preoccupied over the last few weeks. But none of that was quite as fun or as stressful as dealing with this:

This is Olive, an adorable, energetic kitty that needs a home. I already have a cat, Luna, but Jaron and I were considering looking for a second one when we were asked if we could take Olive. "...if you're for cereal about getting rid of her and don't have any other takers, then yes, we would make her at home here," I said.

Of course, this would all depend on whether or not little Olive would get along with Luna.

For starters, there's a big gap in the ages there. Luna is a senior cat, 11 1/2 years old. Olive is 2 1/2. Olive is very playful, running around, exploring everything, and quickly moving from one interest to another; Luna is content to sit in your lap and sleep. So while Olive was excited to be in our home, Luna was not so thrilled.

Secondly, Olive is deaf. She can't hear you call her name, or tell her 'no'. That's never stopped her from being an adorable ball of cuddly, or from learning the rules--squirt bottle training was pretty effective--but it did stop her from hearing how unhappy Luna was with her. She couldn't hear Luna growling at her whenever she tried to play with her. She was completely oblivious to it, and it frustrated Luna to the point where she actively sought Olive out to hiss in her face.

For reference, this is not like Luna at all. At all. Even when we babysat a kitten, Luna was pretty submissive and let the other cat stomp all over her territory. When she met Olive, she didn't seek out confrontation--she hid under the bed while Olive explored. We were sure to let Luna know that the space was hers, but she avoided her. Until Olive tried to play.

Aside from Luna's issues, it was a pretty interesting experience. Olive tried to follow me into the shower. She played with Luna's cardboard castle so much it kinda broke. She curled up around my legs and demanded petting and attention, but she was not afraid to nip at me if I did something she didn't like. And because she can't hear herself, the way she drinks water is adorably loud. But, after a week, we had to let Olive go. The trial period was over, and Luna was not happy.

Olive still needs a home, so if you know anyone in the Salt Lake area who is looking for a cat, please share this with them. She's a total sweetie who loves lots of attention, and I'd hate to see her go to the shelter.

-Rachel Frost

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  1. Aw, Olive looks so cute! Sorry you guys weren't able to keep her. I hope she's able to avoid the shelter and gets another home relatively quickly!