Monday, April 7, 2014

Pendulum - Witchcraft

I am the worst at keeping a regular blog. Apparently.

My life is in the midst of a major makeover. Lots of big decisions hanging over me. Our Kickstarter for Villages made over $130,000 when we were asking for $1,000, so there's that. And thinking about buying a house. And dozens of little things. But I can't use any of those things as an excuse, since I somehow managed to finish Dream Team and watch entire runs of a few animes...

I do have a few big posts planned. I've procrastinated them, though. So in the meantime, have this awesome song:


PS. Why is it a requirement that music videos be so weird? Seriously.


  1. It's okay! I'm not that great at blogging atm either.

    Congratulations on your KickStarter success! It sounds phenomenal. What was it for?

    Good luck if you decide to buy a house!

    1. Well now I don't feel so bad, haha. The KS was for my husband's card game Villages. I'll post about it hopefully soon, but you can also check this link:

      Thanks for asking. :)

    2. Woah that's so cool!

      I hope the project is successful! Good luck to your husband.

  2. Wow, that's incredibly amazing about the Kickstarter!

    And it can be so, so difficult to keep up with the blogosphere sometimes, so absences here and there are understandable, I think!

    Anyway, good luck with everything you have going on right now! Hopefully all the big decisions you need to make won't stress you out too much...

  3. Yep, I'm the absolute worst at keeping up with my blog too. It really just falls onto the back burner, there just seems to always be more important things to do.