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Rachel Frost

I've been writing since before I could read. Surrounded by a family of musicians, I was raised to love the arts: writing, drawing, singing, playing piano, and acting. We often read or sang together, but even then I was sure I wanted to be the creator of the kind of works I shared with my family. So, my first real artistic endeavor began when I was five, resulting in a fully illustrated series of short stories about flying horses. I decided then that I was going to publish a book, and it has been my biggest goal ever since.

Right now my main focus is an NA novel called Tsirash, previously the "Mura" project, and I've begun work on a sequel. You can click on the tab at the top of the page, or you can read "Broken Rules"--an introduction to the story--here.

But that's not the only creative work I have in development. I'm also working on drawings for a board game called Dungeonball, illustrations for a children's book (not yet revealed), and music for a video game called Gaialite. Beyond that, I create whatever and whenever I feel like, so I'm basically always busy.

In order to survive while I strive to conquer the creative world, I shelve books at the library. You might also find me playing lots of video games. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my game-developer husband Jaron and my adorable cat Luna.

Questions or comments? You can contact me at tsirachel@gmail.com.

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